Health Scandal of the Decade – Monsanto’s GMO Perversion of Food

In the 2010 growing season Monsanto plans to unleash its latest Frankenfood experiment on the American and Canadian public, a new version of mutated corn with eight abnormal gene traits (called Genuity SmartStax corn). It is the culmination of an astonishing scandal that has been steadily building over the past decade.
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Larry is sick of important public safety decisions being made while the general public is under informed or manipulated. These issues have real impact now and in our future. He wants to raise your awareness on these key issues and teach you whay you can do so you too can be his sidekick to fight the bad guys.

Here are the topics Larry is currently fighting against:

  • GMOs & Food Safety –  GMOs are getting into our food supply and we aren't even told. Corn, soybean, cotton, canola, papaya and now sugar beets. Learn more about food and keeping our food supply healthy.

  • Obesity –  The propagation of junk food and the mis-information from the American Dietetic's Association has lead to an obesity epidemic in the US. Find out what you can do to lose weight, live longer and feel great.

  •  FDA & Big Pharma –  The FDA has been on the side of drug companies by allowing them to get easy approval, avoid litigation and limit their need to tell consumers about their dangers. This shield is making it easier for these companies to make money, but what is the real cost to us?

  •  Environment –  Polluting our environment has long-lasting effects on our health and the well-being of our society, yet our government allows companies to pollute with only little cost to them and almost no discussion on what the effect is on us.