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Watch Larry fight off the Mutant GMO Corn!

Meet the Leptin Family!


Larry is the father of the Leptin household, husband of Lucy, protector of freedom and hero to the little guy. He is the defender of truth and fights for the people against the villains in the world that want to make people their unhealthy slaves.

Favorite activities:
Fighting evil villains and promoting health and healthy living.



Lucy, the mother of Lenny, Lily and Lazar and the wife of Larry is a strong leader of women and an advocate for healthy moms and children. She excels at using her womanly intuition, common sense and problem solving skills. She does not take "No" for an answer.

Favorite Activities:
Orchestrating (and Leading) the fight!


Teenage son of Larry and Lucy, big brother to Lily and Lazar. His is a skeptic who is exceptionally bright and sarcastic. Likes to tease and trick his little brother, but also protects him when things get tough.

Favorite Activities:
Inventing, solving mathematical problems, video games (he is really good!), razing his little brother and supporting his mother. He is called upon to come up with quick solutions when technical and computer needs arise.


Teenage daughter of Larry and Lucy and big sister to Lazar. A smart, charismatic role model to her peers, she coordinates and motivates groups of friends to have a positive impact on the world. She educates others through actions and leads rallies to "fight" against the villains of the world.

Favorite Activities:
Building grass-root efforts to fight polluters of our food and environment.


He is the youngest son of Larry and Lucy. He is an inquisitive child and asks direct questions. Wants to know everything. Full of facts about foods, food safety, and the villains. He surprises adults with his knowledge and his sense of wonder.

Favorite Activities:
Asking why. Trying to understand the bigger issues of the world and helping to provide common-sense solutions.


The family watch dog. Loyal and true to the Leptin family. He is always on duty scanning land, sea and air, protecting the family from any evil lurking.

Affectionate and playful, but becomes ferocious when he feels any of his family is in danger. He would rather put his own life on the line than let anything bad happen to his family.