Join the Fight!

The only way to stop the villains from winning is for you to get involved, help spread the message, avoid products that are produced by industrial poison producers, and fight for your freedom. Below are petitions, letter writing campaigns, and other ways to get involved. Remember - information is power. Help to spread the word and we can make a difference.

1. Stop Eating GMO Foods! This means quit buying and eating GMO foods in your grocery stores and in restaurants!

2. Buy and Eat Organic!

3. Support Your Local Organic Farmer. Know the source of the food you are eating.

4. Grow Your Own Organic Foods. Utilize land you have, including in urban areas to grow your own organic foods.

5. Propagate Store and Share Organic Seeds.

6. For those who wish to make money and help your neighbors by providing and selling organic food to them, become a spin gardener!

7. Teach your family, children, grandchildren and friends about Organic and GMO's. Share and spread this information about our food supply, get others involved in the Fight For Our Food! Many have not even heard of GMO's, educate them! Teach them how to avoid GMO food and make healthy organic food choices! Health Scandal of the Decade – Monsanto’s GMO Perversion of Food, Wellness Resources e-Newsletter. NEW Larry Leptin Video Invasion of the FRANKENFOODS.

8. Support Anti-GMO, Pro Organic seeds and health freedom movements - Our Heroes >>

9. Fight any and all proposed legislation that would hinder your freedom and access to true organic foods and seeds.

10. Stay informed! Sign up for the Wellness Resources e-Newsletter and be informed with the latest health and freedom news from Byron J. Richards.

11. Spread the word!  Send to your friends!