These groups/companies have been responsible for the destruction of our environment, poisoning of our food supply, the fattening of of our population through empty, garbage calories and the sacrificing of what is best for society in the name of profits. Please do not support the activities or the products of these companies and work to defeat their manipulation and skirting of the laws of the world.


Monsanto is the producer of Roundup and is a huge player in the development of GMO foods. They sell GMO seeds as well as the pesticides used on them, in turn making the average farmer dependent on Monsanto.

Not only has Monsanto been a major player in the GMO world, they are one of the largest polluters in the world. Not only did they add PCB, dioxin and Agent Orange to the world, but they are constantly trying to control our food supply by patenting food and creating new terminator seed technology.


Cargill is constantly working to control the global food supply, as it attempts to squash anyone getting in their way. They are the nation’s largest private company and have been consistently increasing profits in their conquest to dominate the agribusiness industry. The following article describes in detail how Cargill has greatly wronged the world.

DOW - Chemical

The largest chemical company in the U.S., Dow Chemical is a leading producer of pesticides, plastics, hydrocarbons and other chemicals. Its production processes and practices have poisoned the environment as well as consumers and workers, sometimes entire communities. The company is responsible for hazardous pesticides, byproducts such as dioxin, ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and Agent Orange and napalm used during the Vietnam War. Recently Dow has positioned itself as one five corporations dominating the genetically engineered seed market.

Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has put on a noble face and used their enormous wealth to push the agendas of big-business; including the pharmaceutical industry, agro-business and other large industrial complexes. This “generosity” has come at the expense of sub-saharan Africans who no longer will have a choice when it comes to whether to be vaccinated, tested with unproven pharmaceuticals, and to grow non-GMO seeds. The foundation has colluded with Monsanto, the Rockefellers and other large corporate entities and has millions to gain personally through the Gates’ large investments in pharmaceutical, agriculture and other promoted businesses.

The foundation’s continued push of GMO seeds has come in through the guise of solving world hunger, but it does not disclose that it has these close ties with Monsanto, has much to gain with its investments, and is not basing its assumptions on any real data on crop yields. They also fail to acknowledge the huge burden converting African farmers to patented, Monsanto seed will put on the farmer for the rest of his/her life and the reliance this relationship will create.

US Government "EPA/ FDA & Others"

The US government has allowed for other villains to thrive by changing laws, overlooking violations and helping to promote toxic food and food policy. The incestuous relationship between the regulators and the companies that are supposed to be regulated make consumer protection agencies a joke and a cover to the harmful activities that are occurring.


Bayer produces some of the world's most toxic pesticides and is a major player in the genetically modified organism arena (corn, rice, cotton, etc.). Bayer and the companies they have purchased or merged with in the past have contributed to the poisoning of Peruvian children, a chemical explosion in Madagascar, the harming of millions with and the hiding of the safety data of their Trasylol medication (and subsequent cover-up), and the genetically engineered StarLink corn disaster. These are only a few of the company's higher profile disasters; many more go unreported because victims are poor villagers or farm workers with little voice.